On this site you will find:

As of 24 June 2004, Anastasia is officially open source. You are free to use and republish the executables in any way you want, subject only to the restrictions of the Gnu General Public Licence. The source itself is now available here on SourceForge.

The original creators, and (for now, but not we hope for too long) principal maintainers of Anastasia are Peter Robinson and Andrew West. You may email us and we will try to respond.

You can gain some idea of what Anastasia can do from the demonstration of the Hengwrt Chaucer on Scholarly Digital Editions site. You can see Anastasia running over the web in the Hockliffe catalogue, in the Münster Greek New Testament site, and in the Laures Rare Book catalogue from Sophia University, Tokyo.

There is documentation online to help you get started. The full reference documentation is also online, and you can learn online how to publish a simple TEI Document with Anastasia.